Microsoft Project - The Full Course

From novice to expert in one course - Learn Microsoft Project from the very Basics to Advanced skills

Complete training course on Microsoft Project in one place.

This tutorial is designed for the very novice to the expert to teach you all there is within Microsoft Project.

Experience learning Microsoft Project at your own pace, picking the lessons you want to emphasize and learning the easiest way through guided lessons.

All the resources you need are here. If you have your own copy of Microsoft Project, that's great, as we will be sharing the Microsoft Project samples from the lectures and you will be able to try out the lessons on your own. In this course, we will cover everything on Microsoft Project for you to be an expert including:

  • Creating your project plan
  • Scheduling tasks and milestones
  • Adding and working with resources
  • Working with views and reports
  • Tracking progress and updating your project plan
  • Developing customized features and reports
  • Linking with Microsoft Excel

Through completing this course, Microsoft Project: The Full Course - Become an Expert Today, you can receive 5 PDU's applicable to Certification from the Project Management Institute. A typical course offered by PMI for 5 PDU's costs $243 for non-members. This course then is great value to earn those needed PDU's.

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I have to say that Tony’s Microsoft Project expertise & excellent presentation skills truly shone through this wonderfully constructed wonderfully presented Course. Learning the content was made a whole lot easier by following Tony using the handy Project support files. This course is packed with highly valuable content which walked me step-by-step through topics from beginner to advanced level. If you are serious about learning Microsoft Project then I highly recommend Microsoft Project: The Full Course - Become an Expert Today by Tony Agront...

- Paul G., ICT Trainer

-Ahmed K.

- Omer O.

- Nahla S.

Intended Audience: Anyone Interestested in Learning about Microsoft Project, All Levels of Learners

Files Required for Course
Getting Started
Microsoft Project Ribbon
Setting Up Microsoft Project
Important Task Fields
Important Resource Fields
Setting Up Your View
The Steps to Building Your Project Plan
Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
Creating Tasks in Microsoft Project
Adding Resources to Your Project (Part 1)
Adding Resources to Your Project (Part 2)
Linking Tasks (Part 1)
Linking Tasks (Part 2)
Adding Project Milestones
Adding and Deleting Tasks Within Your Schedule
Introduction - Project Views
The Critical Path
Additional Gantt Type Views
The Network Diagram
Customizing the Network Diagram
Using Split Views
Views Focused on Resources
Project Resources Introduction
Removing Resources
Replacing Resources
Resource Special Schedules
Resolving Resource Overallocations
Using Automatic Levelling
Introduction - Project Budgeting
Adding Costs to Resources
Determining the Project's Cost
Determining the Project's Budget
Project Statusing Introduction
Fields in Microsoft Project for Status
Proper Method for Updating Status
Fixing Issues with Status Updates
Defining the Reports and Print Outs
Printable Reports and Project Comparisons
Visual Reports and Data Exports
What is Earned Value Management
How to Perform Earned Value Management in Microsoft Project
Reports for Earned Value Management
Introduction - Linking Microsoft Project
How to Show My Schedule in a Presentation
Linking with Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Project 2016 Information

What's included

  • 48 Video Lessons
  • 1 Text Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Tony Agront


Tony is an experienced management consultant specializing in project and business management with emphasis in technology. Tony has over 20 years of experience working with companies in information technology, transportation, communications, technology research, and human services. He has helped multiple organizations improve their project management offices and processes in addition to helping teams work more effectively.